SD Twitch Stream 1.3.0 Released

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New website, new system, new software! SD Twitch Stream has received a large make-over and lots of improvements. Joomla 4 is coming soon and because SD Twitch Stream has such a different backend, it wouldn't have worked on the new platform. While downgrading the backend in Joomla 3, it'll receive the accessibility features Joomla 4 has to offer.

New look and feel

The backend of SD Twitch Stream has been renewed to still be fairly unique, recognizable, modern and still based on Bootstrap 4. However, Joomla 4 is coming and with it a lot of accessibility features. To make use of them, the backend had to be downgraded. Don't worry, not everything is gone! It still looks the same, but the side menu is now replaced with default Joomla.

Joomla 4 ready!

SD Twitch Stream has, as mentioned above, received a visual update to make sure it's compatible with Joomla 4. For it to work in Joomla 4, the SD Framework dependency had to be removed as it was too old to function in the new codebase. Fortunately, all of SD Twitch Stream's code still works as intended on the new platform.

Cron system

The cronjob system was old, strange but functional. In this version, we've completely renewed the cronjob system. You'll notice missing timestamps in the system view of SD Twitch Stream; it works slightly different now. The cronjob system now works similarly like crontab; the cronjob system Linux-based systems use. For example, the cronjob will trigger the retrieval of top games every five minutes of an hour. Before, it would check if 5 minutes had passed.

Framework dependency removed

SD Framework was/is mostly used to include the download key in websites for updating purposes. Later, the framework part got added and code got re-used between components. While I'm being in favour of reusing existing code, it came with more problems than I'd wish for. The plugin can now be uninstalled if you only have SD Twitch Stream installed. Use SD License to enable updates again for SD Twitch Stream.

Meaning the framework, thus installer, now being removed, the package with multiple packages is now being installed as a Joomla package. This adds the convenience of uninstalling SD Twitch Stream entirely by simply uninstalling the package.

Top games and followers

Top games and followers were toggle-able with a setting before this update. If a website had a lot of streamers, unused requests like those could jam the other functionalities like hiding offline streamers. Since OAuth-authorised applications can now use up to 800 requests a minute, this limit will theoretically not be reached.


  • Completely changed the cron system.
  • Top games and followers are now retrieved by default. Their toggles have been removed.
  • Joomla 4 compatible!
  • Software is now being installed as a package.
  • The backend has received a visual update for Joomla 4 compatibility.
  • Removed the SD Framework dependency.
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