SD Tinify v1.0.0 Released

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Do you have customers that upload 2MB image files to their website and then complain the website is slow? I've seen enough of them to release this software! SD Tinify automates image compressing and compresses every image that's uploaded to the server. Sometimes SD Tinify saves 75% of the file size without losing quality!

Automatic image compressing

Whenever an image is uploaded to the server using the Joomla or JCE media manager, SD Tinify will compress the image. After doing so, SD Tinify will show a message with the amount of space it saved! Sometimes images get reduced to 25% of their file size. That means less image to download. That'll improve your websites' loading speeds!

Compress existing images

After installing SD Tinify, the chances are you've already got images on your website. Don't worry, I've thought of that! SD Tinify adds a Compress button to the Joomla media manager. You can select folders and images and compress them right away! Yes, even folders! After doing so, which can take a little while, you'll get to see the statistics and how much SD Tinify has saved you.

No configuration required

You read that correctly! No API keys, no complicated settings, no tweaking; it just works out-of-the-box! SD Tinify does not have a configuration! Installing and enabling the plugin is enough.


  • Uploaded images get compressed automatically.
  • Compress any file or directory from the Joomla media manager.
  • The JCE media manager is supported too!
  • The speed of your website will improve.
  • No set up needed!

Planned Features

  • Automatically crop images to a desired maximum size.
  • Automatically create thumbnails in configurable formats.
  • Cronjob queue to handle crop, compress and thumbnail actions to improve site speed.


Great to hear! You can buy SD Tinify in the software shop.

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