SD Release v2.0.0 released!

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SD Release v2.0.0 is released with a fresh face and improved PHP 7 code! It took some work due to the sheer size of the extension, but it now uses PHP strict typing for more stable codebase! All built using the PSR-2 code standard, like any other SD package. The dashboard got a complete overhaul and the backend is stripped from the custom code.

Preparing for Joomla! 4

Joomla 4 is coming soon and while SD Release is not yet ready, it won't take long anymore. Due to the size of this package migrating it to Joomla 4 is quite the task, but I'm on it! It takes a lot of testing, checking and programming to make it work.


The dashboard got improved! It now features an updated and scoped version of Bootstrap 4, meaning Joomla styling will not be tampered with while still delivering a great, modern and fresh dashboard. The charts got an overhaul too!

MS Framework dependency removed

MS Framework is an old framework package that did more harm than good. It was still active in MS Release as it used the custom backend code. SD Release now uses the default Joomla backend, but with a fresh approach! You can safely uninstall MS Framework as it is not needed anymore. For paid updates, please see SD License.

Smaller user keys

The user keys are now smaller when generated! Before, these massive keys were 64 characters in length. Now they are 16 characters in length and can still support more unique combinations than your website can handle ;)

Bootstrap 4 update

Bootstrap 4 got updated quite a lot in the meantime, so SD Release got a bit outdated. All classes are up-to-date with the newest Bootstrap 4 library meaning everything should display correctly again.

Menu item changes

The menu items now store their settings in the parameters. Before they used the input which appended to the URL string. This is often OK for simple settings, but as SD Release may grow more advanced storage is needed. This change means that every SD Release extension menu item should be corrected and saved again. Simply open the menu item, select the extension and save. That's it!


  • Prepared the backend for Joomla 4.
  • Added installation splash screen.
  • Added remote host to installation activity.
  • Added {sdrelease_key} tag to present users their key.
  • Changed the complete code styling to be PSR-2.
  • Changed menu items to store their options in the parameters. ACTION NEEDED: check and save all menu items.
  • Improved the dashboard.
  • Changed user download keys from 64 to 16 characters in length.
  • Improved Bootstrap 4 classes.
  • Removed the MS Framework dependency.
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