SD Contact v2.0.0 Released

1 minute read

I'm proud to tell you that SD Contact v2.0.0 got released today! This new version of SD Contact has been rebuilt from scratch and I've made it even less complex to set up.

From MS Contact to SD Contact

The name changed, so this update is not an update from MS Contact to SD Contact. It's a separate piece of software and will work next to MS Contact. You can safely uninstall MS Contact after you installed SD Contact.

New backend

The backend has received a small update! It now features the same minimal backend as SD Release and SD Twitch Stream, meaning it is Joomla 4 compatible!

New module

The module is refreshed too! Bootstrap 4 is updating too meaning the output of MS Contact was outdated. The new module looks great in Joomla 4 too!

SD Contact is still free to use. I'm happy to hear your thoughts about this update or what features you'd like to see. Let me know!

Download SD Contact for free!
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