SD Icons v1.0.0 Released

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Today I'd like to present SD Icons to you! SD Icons is a small plugin for Joomla that replaces icon tags with HTML. These tags are easy to use and understand! The best thing of all is that it works everywhere, meaning you can embed these icons everywhere on your website. It works on both the frontend and the backend of your website.


Currently, SD Icons supports FontAwesome and LineAwesome, but more icon fonts will be added in the future! Don't worry if you do not yet have these icon fonts embedded in your Joomla website! SD Icons allows you to include them with ease! SD Icons even supports FontAwesome Pro!


These icon tags are easy to use. For example, the icon tag {far fa-fw fa-user} would result in <i class="fa fa-fw fa-user"></i>. You can add any extra class you like, for example, mb-3, like so {far fa-building mb-3 text-danger}.

Start using icons today and download SD Icons for free! Don't forget to send us a thank you or share this post using Twitter or Facebook if it helped you!

Download SD Icons (free)
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